Mayo Medical Laboratories Test Utilization

COLA clients benefit from access to Mayo Medical Laboratories test utilization website. This website provides many valuable test utilization and clinical laboratory education materials for clinicians and laboratories alike.

We encourage our clinicians to utilize the “Resources for Clinicians” tab where they will find:

  • Test ordering algorithms which provide guidance in the effective ordering or laboratory test for both common and esoteric disease processes.
  • “Hot Topics” which are presentations focusing on a specific laboratory topic and test utilization.
  • “Featured Topics” and “Featured Videos” which provide short informational resources covering various diseases and appropriate laboratory ordering procedures.

Also included is the “Interpretative Handbook” which provides in-depth information on the ordering and interruption of most clinical laboratory procedures.  This has proven to be a valuable reference for clinicians worldwide.

Again, many thanks to the Mayo Clinic and Mayo Medical Laboratories. We invite you to explore and utilize their informative website to further strengthen your laboratory practices.