The blog is designed to encourage laboratorians, allied health and patients alike to share their personal and professional stories that showcase the impact that the laboratory can have on ensuring positive patient outcomes. While the site is sponsored and managed by COLA, the articles and blogs on the site are the opinions of the individual authors and are not endorsed by COLA. is an online community for laboratorians, allied health professionals and patients to exchange ideas and experiences demonstrating the importance of quality laboratory medicine.

The Lab Testing Matters concept grew from the 2014 COLA Leadership Summit which brought together a group of interdisciplinary healthcare leaders to consider the true value of laboratory medicine in the modern healthcare system. Lab Testing Matters is the next step in continuing to build and foster a sense of community around laboratory medicine spanning various elements of the healthcare sector, transcending but including those who work directly in laboratories.

Lab Testing Matters wants to highlight the patient, physician, laboratorian, and health professional stories about the role of laboratory testing played in their lives. Instead of telling people that Laboratory Testing Matters with statistics, let’s show them with real-life stories.