COLA Inc. Accreditation, California, and Your Laboratory

Lab testing quality control

COLA Inc. and California

In 2013, COLA Inc. became the first private laboratory accreditor to earn deemed authority in California, proving that its standards of promoting excellence in laboratory medicine and patient care are equal or more stringent than the state’s unique regulations for licensure and registration. This puts COLA Inc. in a unique position to support the needs and goals of laboratories in the great Golden State.

COLA Inc. already supports over 400 laboratories in California through a program of education, consultation, and accreditation.

COLA Inc. and your Laboratory

At COLA Inc, the largest private accreditor in the U.S., we commit ourselves to a goal of improving patient safety by promoting laboratory excellence. By serving as an educator and a partner to laboratories, we make the accreditation process simple, quick, and tailored to meet specific needs of your lab while strictly adhering to the regulations set forth by the state of California and the federal Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments (CLIA).

More importantly, COLA Inc. goes above and beyond these regulations with a holistic and educational approach that makes us a daily force for quality in the laboratories we serve – not just once every two years.

COLA Inc. offers a variety of educational tools to help your lab achieve the highest quality of testing and patient care every day including:

  • Educational products, services, and informational tools
    • Including live and archived webinars, publications, and web tools
  • Access to expert opinions, exclusive to COLA Inc. laboratories
  • Technological tools
    • Including COLAcentral, where laboratory professionals can prepare for upcoming surveys and receive support for a range of laboratory needs
  • Paperless, on-the-spot preliminary survey results with our proprietary Eval system