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COLA’s goal is to help you meet CLIA and state regulatory requirements and maintain the highest level of patient care at your clinical laboratory. That’s why we’ve made our accreditation process as straightforward as possible – we use educational tools to prepare your laboratory before the on-site survey, evaluate all laboratories on consistent and fair standards, and work with you to develop an accreditation strategy that works for your organization.

For the most effective way to stay in compliance and give your patients
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If one or all of the following apply to your situation, please call 800-981-9883 to speak with one of our Accreditation Sales Representatives.
  • Your lab is not located within the continental United States
  • Your lab’s current CLIA Certificate of Registration will expire within 90 days and the lab has not had an onsite inspection
  • Your lab is due for an onsite inspection within 90 days
  • Your lab is currently accredited by The Joint Commission or CAP
  • Your lab will not be operational within 120 days
  • Your lab has open corrective actions from a
    previous CLIA inspection
  • Your lab is unable to pay by credit card
  • Your lab performs Pathology
    (including Cytology, Histopathology, Cytogenetics or Pharmacogenomics)
  • Your lab is a member of one of the following organizations: AACE, AAFP, ACP, FMA, MLE
    (Accreditation discounts may be available for eligible multi-laboratory groups)
If none of the above apply to your situation,
you can begin your account application below.


COLA Accreditation for Affiliate Labs

If you are a member of one of the following organizations, you are eligible for a discount on COLA accreditation:
  • AACE
  • AAFP
  • ACP
  • FMA
  • MLE

Please call 1-800-981-9883 to speak to one of our Accreditation Sales Representatives to find out what we can offer you.