Our Member Portal

COLA Inc. Members have FREE access to the tools and resources needed to run an efficient laboratory and provide quality patient care

Lab testing quality control

Our Member portal website, called COLAcentral, is designed to provide a resource where laboratory professionals can update their lab profile, view communications, see survey results, prepare for upcoming surveys and receive support for a broad range of laboratory needs.


We’ve packed COLAcentral with features that our clients need to manage compliance activities throughout the Accreditation Life Cycle. From online document storage to real-time compliance survey results, our system stands out from the rest.

Compliance Record Management

Keeping track of all the required documentation for lab accreditation was once a difficult and taxing process. Now, COLA Inc. lab directors can view, upload, and track all COLA Inc. lab documents in one place.

Lab Inventory

Maintaining lab inventory and performing routine maintenance can be a challenge for lab directors to consistently monitor and control. With our new lab operation management services, inventory and lab asset management has been simplified.

Customer Service

You will receive the industry’s highest level of personalized service. The COLA Inc. brand of customer service is designed to empower you, as a valued customer and partner, with the ability to aid in our continuous improvement efforts.

Education & Training

COLA Inc. has taken the lead in changing how education and training are provided to laboratorians. Through our new plan, you will benefit from tools designed with prevention and CLIA compliance at their core.

Critical Alerts & Messages

After years of experience and feedback from our customers, we’ve created a unique alert system to notify your lab of critical compliance and regulatory requirements.

Survey Results & Proficiency Testing Results

We’re committed to your lab’s compliance goals, so after a COLA Inc. surveyor visits your lab, you can login to COLAcentral to view your survey results. We’ll even recommend training and educational materials to handle citations. Under our new plan, you’ll also have access to proficiency testing results and helpful links for more information about testing providers in your area.

Personnel Management

Using COLAcentral, we’ve given you the control to manage your lab employee data with ease.

Lab Information Management

Your lab is unique and important, so we’ve provided you with the ability to keep your lab’s information current. You can edit your lab’s demographic data, hours of operation, CLIA information, director profiles, and more.

Multi-Site Access Features

Consolidated Alerts

Know when your labs have reached critical milestones in the accreditation process through our automated alert system. View alerts for all of your labs in one place.

Aggregated Data with Single Sign-On

Single sign-on access is important to consultants with multiple labs in various locations. With our new consultant account, you can view compliance survey results for all your labs via our portal with one login.

Management Dashboards

Track the compliance activities of all your labs through our new management dashboard for consultants.