COLA Primers/eBooks

COLA Inc. offers a number of educational eBooks called COLA Primers to help your laboratory provide quality patient care while meeting all regulatory requirements. Our quality resources are designed to improve your clinical laboratory as a whole, giving you confidence that your facility provides the best patient care. If you have any questions, please contact


Laboratories enrolled in COLA Inc.’s Accreditation Program can view the entire library by visiting COLAcentral.

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Proficiency Testing COLA Primer

Proficiency Testing (PT) is an important aspect of a laboratory’s overall assessment of quality. PT serves as an external check to verify the accuracy of a laboratory’s test results by providing an unknown specimen for analysis by the laboratory. This resource provides laboratories with requirements, processes, and procedures to achieve quality testing and meet CLIA…


Quality Assessment COLA Primer

In this resource you will learn how to develop and implement an effective Quality Assessment Plan which:

  • Defines roles and responsibilities
  • Identifies problems that might negatively affects patient care
  • Meets standards of performance, and enables laboratory managers to immediately address noted deficiencies
  • Creates a culture of quality in the laboratory