COLA provides its employees with a useful array of comprehensive benefit programs to help maintain employee welfare and health, such as paid time off, health, dental, life & disability insurance; supplemental insurances through Aflac; flexible spending accounts; vacation & sick leave; holiday pay; participation in a 401(k) retirement plan; direct deposit; Tuition assistance program; Long Term Care Insurance; Pre-Paid and College Savings Plans; jury duty pay; military duty pay; Employee Assistance Program (EAP), and pre-paid legal services.

COLA provides compensation that is externally competitive and internally equitable, that rewards employees based on their work performance, and that is in compliance with all applicable Federal, State, and Local laws and regulations.

COLA conducts formal, scheduled performance evaluations periodically to assist and support the employee in the achievement of established performance goals and objectives.

The objectives of COLA’s performance evaluation program are as follows:

  • To enhance communications between employees and their Managers/supervisors
  • To provide a formal opportunity for Managers/supervisors and employees to discuss performance, to identify areas in which the employee has excelled, as well as those areas where improvement is needed
  • To identify and document actions to be taken by the employee to encourage continual improvement of performance, and
  • To document employee performance for purposes of potential pay increases, transfers, promotions, and other personnel actions.
  • COLA supports employee development in order to continually improve professional skills and abilities. We encourage employees to invest in their own professional development by taking the initiative and identifying their training needs and seek assistance through the COLA Training and Development programs.